IEC lightning protection standards mortally infected by 10/350 virus

The 10/350 waveform pervades every major aspect of IEC international lightning protection standards.

From setting lightning parameters to computing magnetic fields; from determining SPD tests to assessing potential risk; from calculating a rolling sphere radius to choosing & coordinating SPDs; from establishing LPZs (lightning protection zones) to specifying lightning protection levels (LPL) -- the 10/350 waveform infects every one of these processes.

Green energy protection painted & tainted

The protection of alternative energy installations has not avoided a shellacking by the 10/350 brush. IEC 61400 Wind Generator Systems – Part 24 Lightning Protection was published in 2010 by IEC TC/SC 88. The technical committee probably had no choice but to "harmonize" with 62305's lightning parameters. But they might have realized that the "rolling sphere method" and "lightning protection zones" have no applicability whatsoever to wind turbines. Sadly those wishing to implement 61400-24 now must now bear the burden of the 10/350 waveform and its consequences. Because lightning takes such a dreadful toll on wind turbines each year, the members of TC/SC 88 would be well advised to review this aspect of the standard.

IEC and Ethics

Click here to view the genesis and development of the 10/350 waveform and Class I Test. Some would say it's not a very pretty picture. Such things don't just "happen." They are caused.

Ethics is a subject that exists to ensure that such things are NOT caused, but if caused that they are at least caught and corrected in a timely manner. This is important because If these things could happen in the realm of surge protection, they could happen in other IEC realms as well. This link offers a simple but effective solution.

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