Has anyone actually observed or measured high amplitude positive CG lightning that in any way resembled a 10/350 waveshape?

Berger's Mt. San Salvatore?
According to Dr. Karl Berger, none were seen in 30 years chasing thousands of lightning strikes.
Toronto's CN Tower
According to Dr. Ali Hussein, none have been seen in over 10 years of recording lightning.
Camp Blanding, Florida
According to Dr. V. Rakov, none observed in 17 years of vigorous efforts.
Moro do Cachimbo Station
None observed in over 3,000 lightning flashes recorded at MDC Tower in Minas Gerais, Brazil.
CIGRE 2013 - Workgroup C4.407
5 years of research by the world's most distinguished lightning scientists turned up no evidence to confirm a 10/350 waveform.
Guangdong, China
None found at the Conghua Triggered Lightning Lab despite intense activity every lightning season.
Empire State Building? No. Never.
The 443 meter tall building building gets direct hits during every New York City lightning storm.
"Ja. We every day see them. Our 10/350 generators produce as many as we want."
At Austria's Gaisberg Tower? No.
According to Dr. Diendorfer's 2011 review of 10 years & 652 recordings, there were none.