A member of TC 81 (who wishes to remain anonymous) told us recently that many people know the 10/350 waveform is nonsense, but are afraid to speak out about it. So we thought we'd jump-start a conversation with this website. There's no use to regret yesterday. Much better is to realize we have the ability to create a saner surge protection environment for the future and get busy doing it. We've tried to stick to the facts and avoid opinions in this website. We are concerned citizens of the lightning protection community who realized "something is rotten in the state of Bavaria" and decided to take a stand. Hope you will see fit to stand up and make your voice heard too.


F. Martzloff

"10/350 as a test wave is sometimes cited as a 'solution in search of a problem' for some marketing purposes."

V. Rakov

"Unfortunately, lightning does not always produce waveforms similar to those specified in the standards. In fact, it may seldom do so."

C. Barbosa

"Fortunately mother nature doesn't have to follow standards."

M. Maytum

"it was a well executed IEC standards hijack for a product looking for a solution...The marketing (ploy) was to establish an International (standard) requirement for a manufacturer's product...the 10/350 isn't a useful test waveshape."