What does the IEEE say about 10/350?


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Is there any legal statement from IEEE regarding the 10/350 waveform?

IEEE C62.41.2TM-2002 assessed the parameters of first stroke lightning, including the 350 μs “time to 1⁄2 peak” defined in IEC 61312 documents with the conclusion that: “The case for “high-energy” surge requirements rests on a consensus based on limited data, a matter of some concern when comparing these “requirements” with the field performance of SPDs designed on the basis of the standards of the IEEE C62 family.” (C62.41.2TM-2002 IEEE Recommended Practice on Characterization of Surges in Low- voltage (1000 V and Less) AC Power Circuits page 32.)

IEEE Std C62.62-2010 IEEE Standard Test Specifications for Surge-Protective Devices (SPDs) confirmed this by not approving a 10/350 test. It also refused to allow any "equivalency test" between the 10/350 and 8/20 waveforms.

What were the findings of the IEEE SPD Committee Task Force convened by Francois Martzloff on the subject of "Reality Check Initiative on the Equivalency of 8/20 versus 10/350 Waveforms for Testing Surge-Protective Devices"?

This quote in Section A.IV Discussion may best express the consensus: "The above analysis indicates the formulation of the 10/350 is flawed..." You can read the entire report here.